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20 Best Study-Friendly ASU Student Jobs


Are you searching for the best study-friendly ASU student jobs? Well, look no further; you’re in the right place at the right time.

This blog post reviews the 20 best study-friendly ASU student jobs in 2023.

Being a student is no easy feat. Apart from the academic rigors, students often face the added pressure of managing their finances and maintaining a healthy social life.


While financial aid and scholarships can provide much-needed support, many students find that working part-time is an effective way to supplement their income and gain valuable work experience.

For Arizona State University (ASU) students, finding a study-friendly job is crucial for striking a balance between work and academic commitments.

With a plethora of on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities available, ASU students have the chance to secure jobs that fit their schedules, interests, and career aspirations.


This blog post explores the top 20 study-friendly ASU student jobs that offer flexible hours, a supportive work environment, and opportunities for professional development.

Whether you’re a tech whiz, a people person, or a creative enthusiast, there’s a job out there that aligns with your skills and interests.

Let’s dive in!


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Arizona State University | Brief History

Arizona State University (ASU) was established as the Territorial Normal School at Tempe on March 12, 1885, when the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature passed an act to create a normal school to train teachers for the Arizona Territory.

The school opened its doors on February 8, 1886, with 33 students and three faculty members.

In 1921, the school was renamed Arizona State Teachers College at Tempe. In 1925, the school offered its first four-year degree program in education. In 1945, the school was renamed Arizona State College at Tempe. In 1958, the school was renamed Arizona State University.

ASU has grown from a small teacher training school to a major research university with over 74,000 students and five campuses in the Phoenix metropolitan area. ASU is now one of the largest public universities by enrollment in the United States.

It has a wide range of academic programs, including over 350 undergraduate degree programs and over 200 graduate degree programs. ASU is also a member of the Association of American Universities, a consortium of leading research universities in North America.

Also, ASU is known for its innovative programs and its commitment to sustainability. ASU was the first university in the United States to offer a bachelor’s degree in sustainability. ASU was also the first university in the United States to achieve carbon neutrality.

ASU is a dynamic and vibrant university that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its students and the community. ASU is committed to providing its students with a world-class education that will prepare them for success in the 21st century.

On-Campus Opportunities

On-campus jobs provide a convenient solution for students looking to work close to their academic environment.

The ASU campus offers a variety of positions, from library assistants to campus ambassadors. These jobs not only offer a quick commute but also foster a sense of community among students.

Remote Work Possibilities

In an era of increasing remote work, ASU students can tap into opportunities beyond the physical campus. Virtual internships, online tutoring, and freelance writing gigs are just a few examples of remote work suitable for students. This flexibility allows students to work from the comfort of their dorms or favorite study spots.

Flexibility in Schedules

Understanding the demanding nature of academic schedules, many employers around ASU offer flexible work hours.

Students can find positions that allow them to adjust their work hours based on their class schedules, ensuring they prioritize their studies without compromising on employment.

Jobs Related to the Field of Study

One of the significant advantages of part-time jobs is the potential alignment with a student’s major.

ASU students can gain hands-on experience in their chosen field, providing a practical application of their academic knowledge.

Whether it’s a research assistant position or a lab technician role, these jobs contribute to both learning and career development.

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Skills Enhancement

Part-time jobs aren’t just about earning money; they’re also an avenue for skill development.

Positions that require customer service, communication, or technical skills can enhance a student’s overall skill set.

These skills are transferable and valuable in various aspects of professional life.

20 Best Study-friendly ASU Student Jobs

Below are some of the best study-friendly ASU student jobs this year.

1. ASU Tutor

As an ASU tutor, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge and help fellow students succeed in their studies. Tutoring positions are available in a wide range of subjects, from math and science to writing and humanities.

2. ASU Library Assistant

ASU libraries offer a variety of student employment opportunities, including circulation desk assistants, research assistants, and instruction assistants. These positions provide valuable experience in research, communication, and customer service.

3. ASU Campus Recreation

ASU Campus Recreation offers a diverse range of student jobs, including intramural sports officials, fitness center attendants, and outdoor recreation instructors. These positions allow you to stay active, engage with the campus community, and develop leadership skills.

4. ASU Writing Center Consultant

As an ASU Writing Center consultant, you’ll provide peer-to-peer writing support to students at all levels. This position helps you hone your communication, editing, and critical thinking skills.

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5. ASU Student Union

The ASU Student Union is a hub of activity, offering numerous student employment opportunities in food service, event management, and marketing. These positions provide exposure to various aspects of the hospitality and event planning industries.

6. ASU Research Assistant

ASU faculty members often seek research assistants to support their ongoing projects. These positions offer hands-on experience in various fields, from science and engineering to social sciences and humanities.

7. ASU Admissions Ambassador

ASU Admissions Ambassadors play a vital role in representing the university to prospective students. These positions require strong communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.

8. ASU Student Media

ASU has a vibrant student media scene, with opportunities to work for the Sun Devil Daily newspaper, the State Press magazine, or ASU Student Media, a multimedia platform. These positions provide experience in journalism, broadcasting, and digital media.

9. ASU IT Support

ASU IT offers a variety of student employment opportunities in technical support, helpdesk assistance, and software development. These positions are ideal for students with an interest in technology and problem-solving.

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10. ASU Bookstore Sales Associate

The ASU Bookstore is always looking for student sales associates to assist customers with textbook purchases, merchandise sales, and customer service inquiries.

11. ASU Campus Events Staff

ASU hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, from concerts and lectures to sporting events and festivals. Campus Events Staff positions provide opportunities to work behind the scenes and contribute to the vibrant campus atmosphere.

12. ASU Dining Services

ASU Dining Services offers a variety of student employment opportunities in food preparation, service, and catering. These positions provide experience in the fast-paced restaurant industry.

13. ASU Student Health Services

ASU Student Health Services offers student employment opportunities in administrative support, medical assistance, and peer health education. These positions provide exposure to the healthcare field and opportunities to promote wellness among students.

14. ASU Career Services

ASU Career Services offers student employment opportunities in resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and career counseling. These positions provide valuable experience in career development and professional networking.

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15. ASU Alumni Relations

ASU Alumni Relations offers student employment opportunities in event planning, communications, and donor relations. These positions provide exposure to the world of alumni engagement and fundraising.

16. ASU Office Assistant

ASU departments often seek student office assistants to provide administrative support, including filing, data entry, and customer service. These positions offer valuable experience in office management and organizational skills.

17. ASU Marketing and Communications Assistant

ASU departments and organizations often seek student marketing and communications assistants to help with social media management, graphic design, and event promotion. These positions provide experience in digital marketing and creative expression.

19. ASU Social Justice Intern

ASU’s Center for Service and Social Action offers student interns opportunities to work on projects related to social justice, community development, and human rights. These positions provide valuable experience in advocacy, civic engagement, and social change.

20. ASU Entrepreneurship Intern

ASU’s Startup and Innovation Center offers student interns opportunities to work on projects related to entrepreneurship, business development, and innovation. These positions provide exposure to the startup ecosystem and opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills.

These 20 study-friendly ASU student jobs represent just a fraction of the many employment opportunities available to students on campus.

With careful planning and consideration of your skills, interests, and schedule, you can find a job that not only helps you meet your financial needs but also enriches your college experience and prepares you for your future career.

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Juggling work, studies, and social life can be challenging, but it’s certainly not impossible.

By choosing a study-friendly ASU student job, you can strike a balance between your academic commitments and professional development, gaining valuable work experience while still having time for extracurricular activities and socializing with friends.

With a diverse range of employment opportunities available, ASU students can find a job that aligns with their interests and career aspirations, setting them up for success both in the classroom and beyond.


Can I work part-time and still maintain good grades at ASU?

Absolutely! Many ASU students successfully balance part-time jobs with their academic commitments. It’s all about effective time management.

Are on-campus jobs only for work-study students?

No, on-campus jobs are open to all students. They offer convenient employment options for those who want to work close to their academic environment.

How can I find remote work opportunities as an ASU student?

ASU provides resources, including virtual job fairs and online job boards, to help students find remote work opportunities.

Do study-friendly jobs pay well?

Yes, many study-friendly jobs at ASU offer competitive pay, allowing students to cover their expenses and save for the future.

Can part-time jobs at ASU lead to full-time career opportunities?

Absolutely. Some part-time positions serve as stepping stones to full-time career opportunities, providing valuable experience and connections.



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