Business tourism and events: everything you need to know


The Ministry of Tourism recognizes the trend of Business and Events Tourism (TNE) as an excellent opportunity to value the country’s particularities.

This is because there has been significant growth in the number of people traveling exclusively for professional interests, boosting the Brazilian economy.

TNE, as the name suggests, deals with two themes that have been growing: corporate events and business travel.


Both promote a turnaround in the economy — the main reason being the fact that tourists increase their consumption of products in the national market.

Furthermore, public tourism policies have the mission of reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion.

Want to understand more about TNE? So come with us!


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Discover the history of business tourism and events

Since the most ancient periods, civilizations already carried out displacements for commercial purposes.

The first event was in 776 BC, in Greece, with the realization of the First Olympiad (in Olympia) to honor Zeus, God of thunder, son of Cronos and Rhea.


However, it was only after the Industrial Revolution that this economy became more evident, as the means of communication and transport evolved, facilitating commercial transactions. This movement came to Brazil with globalization.

Our country is a great destination for holding events and doing good business: in addition to the means to promote sales, we cannot overlook the various options for leisure, culture and natural resources.

Another important aspect was the development of the tourism sector, which organizes and promotes various national and international events to promote the country’s economy.

To give you an idea, according to the Federal District Tourism Observatory, analyzing data from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

See what types of events are held at TNE

According to the TNE’s basic guidelines, prepared by the Ministry of Tourism, events that promote the country’s economy can be categorized as commercial, technical-scientific, promotional or social.

Within them, there are several types of meeting formats in the segment, such as:

  • congresses ;
  • fairs;
  • workshops;
  • business missions;
  • technical visits;
  • business meetings;
  • conventions;
  • courses;
  • conferences;
  • seminars;
  • business rounds;
  • corporate travel.

As for the activities carried out in the TNE, there are:

  • lecture ;
  • panel;
  • symposium;
  • debate;
  • round table;
  • plenary.

Check out the benefits of business tourism and events

We can see that TNE has developed into one of the most interesting and profitable economic activities. These displacements carried out for commercial purposes provide several benefits. Check out the main ones below:

Combating seasonality

If you take a look at it, most people are looking to travel for leisure during school holidays or during hot weather.

Therefore, the TNE is an opportunity to promote a balance between demand and supply throughout the year. Regardless of weather conditions and school vacation periods, it is possible to travel for business purposes and stimulate the economy.

Attracting new audiences

TNE attracts people from all corners of Brazil, favoring diversity, integration and the mixing of cultures: those who go teach a little about their local region and those who are there present their customs, history, and tradition. In addition, the events bring different international audiences to the country.

Promotion to the economy

TNE provides high profitability, as the company invests in accommodation, food, courses, and transfers. Tourists, in turn, take advantage of their free time to get to know the sights and invest in the local economy.

One of the most important aspects is that this demand does not reduce exacerbated in periods of economic crisis.

tax collection

To be reimbursed by the company, tourists usually need invoices to prove their stay, meals, and transfers. For this reason, he ends up favoring tax collection.

Understand the impacts of the economy in the country

When a company invests in a sector fair or a business meeting, it provides its employees with a trip (with everything or almost everything paid for) and brings great benefits to its brand, such as:

  • analyze the competition;
  • promote networking ;
  • find partners;
  • meet new suppliers;
  • make the brand better known;
  • present your products and services.

These business strategies promote the country’s economy, generating more events, more jobs and more commercial turnover — there is an investment in the site’s infrastructure, software, accommodation, food, visits to tourist attractions and many other aspects.

To get an idea about the impact of the economy in the country, in 2015 this sector generated more than R$ 13 billion and, in 2016,  Our country hosted more than 900 events. In 2017, there were more than 2,000 fairs on the calendar of the  Union of Fair Promoters (UBRAFE).

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism announced that, in 2018, tourism grew in 358 municipalities.  Minister Marx Beltrão states that this mapping is important to improve management and optimize the distribution of resources.

The idea is to group, based on four variables (number of establishments, jobs, estimated international tourist flow, and estimated national tourist flow), cities with similar characteristics to meet their needs.

Understand the general aspects for structuring a TNE

Now that you have learned what it is and how important it is to the economy, see some general aspects of conducting business tourism and events:

  • tourist agency: hire a travel agency;
  • accessibility: the destination must offer easy access for people with disabilities or reduced mobility;
  • accommodation: a place for accommodation of participants;
  • food and drinks: complete meals for participants;
  • space for the event: a place where the action will take place;
  • tourist information: updated and quality informative guide.

Business and event tourism encompasses all activities arising from meetings with professional interests, categorized as commercial, technical-scientific, promotional, or social. It is through the TNE that companies fight seasonality, promoting economic turnover.


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