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Franchise Fairs and Events: Get to know and invest in your business!


The recovery of the franchising market has attracted entrepreneurs. According to the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), there was a 3.2% increase in the number of franchise units in the country in the third quarter of 2021. One of the ways to learn about this franchise market and keep an eye on the main trends and business opportunities is through the franchise fairs and events, which we’ll talk about now.

Advantages of Participating in Franchise Fairs and Events

The internet has a lot of information about new businesses and the most varied franchise networks. However, more direct contact with entrepreneurs in the field can be very beneficial for investing.

Franchise fairs and events are interesting moments for entrepreneurs, especially for beginners in this segment.


Here, we will show you some advantages of participating in these events, which can be decisive for your business process in the franchise market.

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1. Contact with various brands

These franchise fairs and other events related to franchising are a great opportunity for the entrepreneur to get to know several brands more closely.


Thus, it is common for franchisors to take several details about their own businesses and show entrepreneurs what it would be like to be a franchisee.

In this sense, it is an effective way to learn more about the brands, in addition to what is reported on the franchise websites, for example.

Also, it is possible to meet brands that are starting their work in your region, and this is an advantage, as it allows you to be one of the first franchisees to take advantage of the novelty.

Image of a person giving a lecture in a room to several people. Illustrative image of text fairs and franchise events.
Entrepreneurs can have contact with various brands and franchisors during the fair.

2. Discovering New Franchises

In addition, franchises that do not have great publicity on the internet are easily found at these fairs.

In this way, the entrepreneur may come across businesses that perfectly fit their profile and their investment possibilities.

As these are very large events, the entrepreneur may be surprised by the types of businesses he will find. Therefore, it is always good to be aware of these opportunities in the franchising market.

3. Networking Opportunity

Networking allows the entrepreneur to build good relationships and make partnerships that spontaneously contribute to the business.

Thus, it is necessary to achieve a large number of interactions. It is about developing and managing a network of professional contacts effectively.

For this, we must listen to people and focus all our attention on those we understand can provide a potential relationship.

Thus, franchise fairs and events are a great opportunity for this networking, which will enable professional growth for the entrepreneur.

In addition, and most importantly, there is an exchange of personal knowledge that can be very enriching, especially when the relationship is something authentic.

In this way, networking transcends the business sphere. At other times in your life they can be very helpful too.

In the particular case of entrepreneurs, networking is very important for the business to grow.

Anyway, it is a process where friendships are built, motivated by common interests. And we know how important friendships are in the business world.

4. Lectures on schedule

Image of a large auditorium full of people attending a lecture. Franchise fairs and events text illustrative image.

Franchise fairs and events are full of lectures with renowned entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs, and other people involved in this market.

The schedule of these events is usually quite varied, with profiles of interesting speakers, who add a lot of value to these moments.

An advantage of these lectures is that the entrepreneur can have direct contact with inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who started small and today stand out on the national and even international scene.

Likewise, it is an opportunity to receive important tips to undertake in the franchising market that can make a big difference in your entrepreneurship process.

In addition, it is common for these lectures to be given by big names in the sport, showing a little about how to deal with the difficulties and challenges of everyday life.

In short, these are opportunities that the entrepreneur cannot miss, as it will be a unique moment of growth, which can influence him for the rest of his life.


3 Franchise Fairs and Events to attend

With the pandemic, franchise fairs and events had to reinvent themselves to provide entrepreneurs with opportunities online.

With the advance of vaccination and the return to face-to-face activities, these events return with everything to chase lost time.

1. Franchise B2B

Franchising B2B was a face-to-face event that marked the resumption of these franchise fairs. Right in its first edition, it was already a success.

The fair, which took place in São Paulo (SP), had more than 90 exhibiting brands that took stands and also promoted negotiation rounds with entrepreneurs.

However, if you missed this opportunity don’t worry! Franchising B2B is a traveling fair that will take place throughout Brazil in 2022.

That way, it’s good to stay tuned throughout the year so you don’t miss the chance to participate in this event that could add a lot to you.

Image of a man speaking into the microphone as in a lecture. Illustrative image of text fairs and franchise events.

2. Virtual Franchise Fair

The Virtual Franchise Fair was an online event that took place during the new coronavirus pandemic and brought together hundreds of franchises.

Entrepreneurs registered to receive brand information and also to participate in virtual meetings with franchisors.

In addition, they had several lectures that we’re able to add stories and information to participating entrepreneurs.

Likewise, it is a very attractive format for entrepreneurs, as it reduces the costs to enjoy the event, avoiding travel and accommodation.

During the year 2021, there were several editions and 2022 promises even more opportunities. Some of these fairs are national and broader, and others, more regionalized, aimed at entrepreneurs from a particular location…

So, be careful not to miss the next virtual fairs!

3. ABF Expo

ABF Expo is a face-to-face fair that will be promoted by the Brazilian Franchising Association in 2022 and should have more than 400 brands on display.

It is one of the biggest events of national franchising, with several attractions for entrepreneurs, such as lectures, negotiation rounds, and varied networking opportunities.

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