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10 Proven Ways to Get a Free iPad Fast | Updated


This blog post reviews some of the proven ways to get a free iPad fast in 2023. Have you been on the lookout for ways to get a free iPad? Well, look no further; we’ve got you covered.

Tablets have become an essential part of our lives, providing us with a portable device for entertainment, communication, and productivity.

iPads, in particular, are known for their sleek design, versatile functionality, and user-friendly interface.


However, iPads can be quite expensive, making them out of reach for some individuals. If you’re looking to get a free iPad, here are 10 proven ways to achieve your goal.

If you have limited funds and a low yearly income, it is possible that you could get an iPad for no extra cost.

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10 Proven Ways to Get a Free iPad Fast | Updated

Free iPad
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You can get a free iPad or tablet through Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a government grant, or a non-profit organization. 

1. Free iPads Through Lifeline and ACP

Lifeline is a program provided by the government to assist low-income individuals in paying their monthly phone bills. The Lifeline benefits range from $9.25 per month to $34.25 per month for those residing on tribal lands.

ACP provides a monthly payment of up to $30 to cover the cost of high-speed internet for a computer, laptop, tablet, or any other device. Additionally, if you intend to purchase a computer or tablet, ACP will contribute up to $100 towards the cost.


Applying for Lifeline and ACP

If you are currently receiving government benefits such as SNAP, SSI, or Public Housing, or if your household has an annual salary that is 135% or less of the federal poverty standards, you may be able to receive Lifeline.

To apply for Lifeline, visit the official website and submit personal information and supporting documents, such as pay stubs, tax returns, or an official letter from the program to demonstrate your income and participation in another program.

In order to be considered for ACP, your income must not exceed 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Meeting the requirements for Lifeline automatically makes you eligible for ACP.

Additionally, if you received a Pell Grant during the year or are enrolled in another government assistance program, you may also be eligible.

After becoming eligible, you have the option to contact a provider that accepts ACP to register.

This provider may also offer Lifeline benefits as a package deal for internet and phone services. It is possible to utilize both ACP and Lifeline benefits concurrently.

Getting Your iPad

After obtaining both Lifeline and ACP services, it is now time to register with your chosen provider. Certain providers even provide a complimentary iPad or tablet when you sign up for Lifeline and ACP. These companies consist of:

  • StandUp Wireless
  • QLink Wireless
  • Sky Mobile

After activating your ACP and Lifeline benefits, call the ACP Support Center at 877-384-2575 to receive a $100 credit towards a tablet or iPad.

Your company may assist with this process. Keep in mind that you must pay at least $10.01 but less than $50 towards the purchase price, and you can choose from a 4th generation iPad, iPad Mini, or iPad Mini 2.

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2. Free iPad Through a Grant

Government grants are financial assistance provided by the federal, state, or local government to support various projects and initiatives.

These grants are typically awarded to organizations or individuals who are working towards a specific cause or goal that aligns with the government’s priorities.

Government grants can be used to fund a wide range of projects, including research and development, education and training, community development, and environmental conservation.

The funding can be used for a variety of purposes, such as purchasing equipment, hiring staff, or covering operational costs.

To receive a government grant, organizations or individuals must typically submit a proposal outlining their project and how it will benefit the community or society as a whole.

The proposal must meet certain criteria and demonstrate that the project is feasible and will have a positive impact.

One example of a government grant-funded project is the provision of tablets or iPads to students in underprivileged communities.

This initiative aims to improve educational outcomes for these students by providing them with access to technology and digital resources that they may not otherwise have had.

Overall, government grants play an important role in supporting innovation, progress, and social welfare. They provide vital funding for projects and initiatives that may not otherwise be possible, and help to create a better future for everyone.

3. Free iPad Through a Non-Profit

Although certain non-profit organizations obtain funding from the government, others rely on charitable donations to gather their funds and resources.

You might have the opportunity to obtain a complimentary iPad or tablet from sources such as nearby churches, libraries, educational institutions, or digital marketplaces.

Although churches do not typically distribute free iPads, numerous religious institutions actively contribute to their communities.

By discussing your requirements with someone at your nearby parish or church, there is a possibility that they may possess a lightly used iPad or tablet that they are willing to gift.

Local libraries have bulletin boards where you can post local petitions. You can also reach out to your child’s school system if you need a tablet for them, as they may have tablets to lend for studying and entertainment.

Additionally, you can check local online markets for cheap iPads or tablets.

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4. Enter Giveaways and Contests

If you are interested in winning an iPad, there are many companies and organizations that regularly host giveaways and contests where you can have a chance to win one.

These contests can be found on various platforms such as social media, websites, and dedicated contest websites.

To increase your chances of winning, it is recommended to participate in multiple contests.

This way, you have more opportunities to win.

However, it is important to carefully read and follow the instructions for each contest. Make sure you understand the rules and requirements before entering.

Some contests may require you to perform certain actions such as liking a post, sharing a post, or tagging friends.

Others may ask you to answer a question or complete a task. By paying attention to the instructions and following them accurately, you can maximize your chances of winning.

Keep in mind that winning a giveaway or contest is not guaranteed. It is a matter of luck and the number of entries received.

However, by actively participating and entering multiple contests, you increase your odds of winning an iPad prize. Good luck!

5. Participate in Paid Surveys

There are various online survey platforms that offer rewards in the form of gift cards or points.

These rewards can be redeemed for iPads. Although the payment per survey is usually low, completing multiple surveys can accumulate enough points to earn an iPad.

This means that individuals who are interested in earning an iPad can participate in online surveys and accumulate enough points over time to redeem them for an iPad.

It is important to note that the amount of time and effort required to accumulate enough points may vary depending on the platform and the number of surveys completed.

Online surveys are a popular way for individuals to earn extra income or rewards.

However, it is important to be cautious when participating in these surveys as some may be scams or may require personal information that could be used for fraudulent purposes.

It is recommended to research the platform and read reviews before participating in any online survey.

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6. Trade in Old Electronics

There are various options available for individuals who wish to trade in their old electronics for cash or store credit.

Many electronics retailers and online platforms provide trade-in programs that allow customers to exchange their old devices for credit toward new ones.

This can be particularly useful for those who have old smartphones, tablets, or laptops that they no longer use.

By participating in a trade-in program, individuals can not only get rid of their old electronics but also receive some monetary benefits.

This can be in the form of cash or store credit, which can then be used to purchase new devices or other products.

For example, if you have an old smartphone that you no longer need, you can trade it in for credit towards an iPad or other device that you may want.

Trade-in programs are becoming increasingly popular as more people seek to upgrade their electronics regularly.

By trading in their old devices, they can reduce the cost of buying new ones and also ensure that their old electronics are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Additionally, many retailers and online platforms offer incentives for customers who participate in their trade-in programs, such as discounts on future purchases or free shipping.

7. Become a Product Tester

Many companies engage in product testing before they release their products to the general public.

This is because they want to ensure that their products meet the needs and expectations of their target audience. One popular product that companies often seek testers for is the iPad.

As a product tester, you have the opportunity to receive a free iPad before it is released to the public.

This means that you can get your hands on the latest technology without having to pay for it.

In exchange for receiving the free iPad, you are expected to provide valuable feedback to the company.

Your feedback as a product tester is essential because it helps the company to identify any issues with the product and make necessary improvements before it is released.

This feedback can include anything from design and functionality to user experience and overall performance.

To become a product tester, you may need to sign up for a program or apply through the company’s website.

The requirements for becoming a tester may vary depending on the company and the product being tested.

However, most companies will require you to be an active user of the product and have a willingness to provide detailed feedback.

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8. Look for Student Discounts

If you are currently enrolled as a student, there is a possibility that you can take advantage of student discounts specifically offered for iPads.

To find out if this opportunity is available to you, it is recommended to reach out to your school’s bookstore or various electronics retailers.

These establishments may have special pricing options exclusively tailored for students. By exploring these options, you may be able to purchase an iPad at a discounted price, making it more affordable for your academic needs.

9. Check with your Employer

Many companies believe in rewarding their employees for their hard work and dedication.

This is why some of them offer incentives or rewards to those who meet certain performance goals or participate in company initiatives.

These rewards can come in various forms, such as bonuses, gift cards, or even electronic devices like iPads.

If you are interested in receiving an iPad as a reward for your performance at work, it is important to check with your employer to see if they offer any programs that could make this possible.

Some companies may have specific policies or guidelines in place for rewarding employees, while others may offer more flexible options.

In addition to checking with your employer, it may also be helpful to speak with your manager or HR representative to learn more about the types of rewards that are available and how you can qualify for them.

By taking the time to explore these options, you may be able to find a program that fits your needs and helps you achieve your goals at work.

10. Be Patient and Persistent

Getting a free iPad may take some time and effort. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win a contest or receive an iPad right away.

Keep participating in giveaways, surveys, and other opportunities, and eventually, your efforts will pay off.

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There are numerous ways to get a free iPad, but it requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to explore various options.

By following these proven strategies, you can increase your chances of getting your hands on a free iPad and enjoying its versatility and convenience.


Are these methods guaranteed to get me a free iPad?

While there are no guarantees, following these methods increases your chances significantly.

How can I avoid scams when trying to get a free iPad?

Watch out for requests for personal information or payments. Stick to reputable platforms and opportunities.

How often do loyalty programs reward customers with free iPads?

The frequency depends on the specific program and your level of loyalty, but consistent purchases generally increase your chances.

What are the most legitimate ways to get a free iPad?

The most legitimate ways to get a free iPad include participating in giveaways and contests, taking paid surveys, trading in old electronics, becoming a product tester, getting involved in online communities, looking for student discounts, applying for scholarships and grants, volunteering your time, checking with your employer, and being patient and persistent.

These methods are considered legitimate because they involve genuine efforts, such as participating in contests, providing valuable feedback, or contributing to a cause. They are not scams or schemes that promise unrealistic rewards without any effort.

How much time and effort does it typically take to get a free iPad?

The time and effort required to get a free iPad can vary depending on the method you choose. Some methods, such as participating in giveaways, may require only a few minutes of your time, while others, such as becoming a product tester or volunteering, may involve more significant commitments.



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