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How to Find a Scholarship: 8 of The Best Sites to Find Scholarships


How to Find a Scholarship, scholarships for college might make it easier for students to pay for the rising expense of higher education. If you know where to go, finding scholarships and grants doesn’t have to be difficult.

Scholarships and fellowships are typically given to students with exceptional characteristics, such as scholastic prowess, athletic prowess, or artistic talent.

Additionally, scholarships are offered to students who have a passion for a certain subject, identify as a member of an underrepresented group, reside in a particular region of the nation, or have a clear financial need.


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The ideal method for finding scholarships or internships is to use a tailored search, like Fastweb, that compares your student profile with a database of opportunities.

Your profile will only be offered prospective matches for awards that match it. The most complete, current, and regularly updated database of scholarships is Fastweb.


Best Sites to Find scholarships

Despite the individuality of each scholarship application and applicant, the following stages may help students get ready:

  1. Construct a plan for the application process.
  2. Observe all instructions.
  3. Be organized.
  4. Examine your application thoroughly.

Explore the resources listed below to get started if you’re interested in finding out how to receive college scholarships:


In order to make it easier for you to investigate financial aid opportunities in one location, BestColleges has assembled comprehensive scholarship guides. Lists of scholarships for students with particular demographics and majors are available on our scholarship sections. For instance, scholarships for HBCU students and scholarships for students without documentation are available.


College Board

The College Board runs a college scholarship search website with more than 2,200 programs in addition to providing guidance on college applications and a variety of test-prep tools, such SAT and ACT books. By being more specific with their demographic and/or academic information, students can focus their searches. Students can now discover scholarships that match their unique qualifications and interests.


Since 1995, Fastweb has served as a free resource for college students seeking financial help and scholarships. Students can benefit from tailored scholarship matching and receive guidance on filling out the FAFSA and receiving federal aid. Additionally, Fastweb offers internship search assistance and posts articles on career preparation.


Unigo maintains a database of millions of college scholarships and awards with the goal of connecting students to financial aid. Simply establish an account and complete a personal profile to discover scholarships that are relevant to your academic and demographic details.

Additionally, the website provides useful categories like “$10,000 scholarships” and “simple scholarships.”


Niche seeks to assist people in determining where they belong, whether it be a school or area, and is not merely an educational resource. The website offers a number of resources to aid students in finding their place in higher education. A college scholarship search is one of these resources that enables you to look for prizes based on your major or demographic data.

Since 1998, this website has assisted students in their search for college scholarships. Students can find scholarships that suit their unique needs among the millions of scholarships in the database. Additionally, this source categorizes scholarships by type, including those for athletics, veterans, and Hispanic students.


Chegg, a learning platform that puts students first, is dedicated to increasing the return on education investments. Providing a scholarship database with over 25,000 opportunities is a part of that aim. Students in both high school and college can search for scholarships and find matches based on their academic and personal profiles.


Cappex, a platform that links students to colleges, aids in the search for universities as well as scholarships and other forms of financial aid. You can look for scholarships on this website by demographic. Scholarships for women, Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, and first-generation students are among those offered.

How Do I Apply for College Scholarships?

Depending on the particular scholarship and its conditions, the application process for college scholarships may vary. To understand how to apply, students should visit the scholarship’s website, although the following are some typical procedures:

Make sure you are eligible.
submit the FAFSA.

Finish the required essay or video assignment.
Gather the necessary documents, such as a school record, an ID, test results, or letters of recommendation.
respect the deadlines that have been set.