learning process
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What is Learning Process? 5 Stages of Learning

The actions taken to acquire, comprehend, and recreate knowledge .It is the process by which a person or group uses, modifies, and replicates a structure or appropriates it. READ ALSO : Learning Skills : What, Examples and How to Enhance What is Learning Process A procedure that individuals go through to learn new information and skills, […]

fintech stock
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Fintech stocks: What You need to know to buy or hold Fintech companies

Fintech stocks are the next big wave of digital transformation in business. As digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litocoin become more accepted as payment methods, new businesses are emerging that accept these digital tokens as payment for their services. Many companies today accept cryptocurrencies or other digital currencies as payment — but many others […]

Educational/Innovation Design
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The Ultimate Guide To Educational/Innovation Design

The world of education and learning has experienced a period of rapid development in the past few decades. Creative and innovative thinking have thrived on this transformative wave, enabling leaders to make new and exciting connections with their audience. Nowhere is this greater than in the design of educational and learning environments. With the increasing […]

What Is Spirituality
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What Is Spirituality

When we think of spirituality, often it is associated with religion. However, spirituality isn’t just about religion. Spirituality is more than that. It’s also about being connected to the natural world and one’s self. The word “spiritual” comes from the same root as the word “sage”, which means one who knows or has access to […]