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A Review of The NokiaX100


The NokiaX100 is a cheap 5g phone with wonderful display and amazing capacity to carry out task. this phone is latest in line with 5g innovation which is the future , it is phone with a current version of android , and a camera that is okay. NokiaX100 is one that users would love because it is budget friendly and accessible.

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Price and Battery Life

The Nokia X100 holds its own against all the other existing options as a cheap 5G phone for T-Mobile consumers. Beyond what you could anticipate from a low-cost phone, the visual and audio quality are excellent, and the battery life should easily last you all day and night.


It has the same shortcomings as the majority of low-cost phones, but its fatal flaw is the absence of future updates. Has an internal battery , with wireless charging option and 4470mah battery

Design Features

The utilitarian design of the X100 is similar to that of the majority of other phones Nokia has introduced in recent years, but at 6.8 by 3.1 by 0.4 inches (HWD) and 7.7 ounces, the phone is undoubtedly heavy. It has a 6.67-inch, 2,400 by 1,080-pixel LCD screen with a hole for the front camera at the top. The phone appears a touch off-balanced due to the contrast between the thick bottom bezel with Nokia logo and the thin top bezel.


The X100 is not one of the many Nokia phones that are sold unlocked with support for several carriers. Metro uses T-network, Mobile’s so you’ll receive the same performance. The phone is geared for T-LTE Mobile’s and sub-6GHz 5G networks. The phone does not support the majority of 5G networks in Europe, and only a few LTE bands are supported for overseas travel


Phone System

The Nokia X100 is powered by the Qualcomm 480 5G mobile platform and 6GB of RAM. 100GB of the 128GB of storage that it has are immediately accessible. The microSD card slot allows you to increase storage by up to 1TB if you need more.

The X100 is capable of handling simple productivity activities with ease despite having a lower-end chipset. Apps load swiftly, and until we had more than a dozen open browser tabs, we didn’t see any noticeable slowdown while sliding between screens or caches.

The phone can handle the majority of your needs, however the Galaxy A32 5G is a better choice if you need a little bit more power.



The Nokia X100 has a quad camera stack with Zeiss optics on its back. A 48MP quad-binning sensor is used in the main lens, which is complemented by a 5MP ultrawide lens and a pair of 2MP depth and macro sensors.

The 48MP camera can take good pictures in conditions of adequate lighting. Our test images demonstrate great depth of field, sharp foreground detail, and reliable color fidelity.

The majority of the photographs had some loss of fine information that we noted, but this problem is mostly noticeable when you see the images in their entirety.


If you are looking for a good and cheap phone to buy NokiaX100, it is affordable and it has a strong battery with a good battery life and good system , its only defect might be its camera but still it stands head and shoulders above most cheap phones.



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