International Schools in Korea

The Best of Both Worlds: A List of All the Best International Schools in Korea


If you’ve spent as much time as we have to research and choose the best International Schools in Korea for your child, then you already know that there is no place like home. But even though our hearts are set on going to university in Korea, we understand that other parents might not have the same ideas.

If you’re like us and don’t want to risk being forced into a foreign country by your parents or a group of strangers, then a list of all the best schools in Korea might be what you’re looking for. The Best of Both Worlds: A List of All the Best International Schools in Korea is a collection of everything from top-notch schools to low-cost private schools.

It features not only the best international schools in Korea but also some of the best private schools too. From academically challenging to excellent associations with nature, this list meets your needs exactly.


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What Makes a School Great?

Let’s start with the obvious: great teachers. If you’ve ever taken a physics class, you’ll know that the more accurate your answers, the better your placement in that field. That’s because great teachers make amazing employees. The best ones can do anything you permit them to do. If you want to be a great math teacher, then follow Euclid’s rules. If you want to be a great English teacher, then use the three C’s.

Why Choose a School?

There are so many great international schools in South Korea that it’s hard to pick just one. We love how flexible the South Korean government is about choosing the best school for your child. You can apply for 30 different kinds of scholarships and study in a plethora of different countries. That means there’s likely going to be a lot of self-selecting in South Korea too. So, it’s nice to have a good chance of finding the perfect school for your child.


School Selection

There are many international schools in South Korea and each has its charm. But, we’ve found the best school for your specific child. This is mainly down to the efforts of the headmaster and staff. The headmaster is the one who makes all the decisions about which subjects your child can take. You can either apply for a school directly or contact a boarding school. The headmaster and staff at each school will pick their personal favorite.

Best International Schools in South Korea

One of the most popular international schools in South Korea is Korea Country International School (KIS). This is the oldest international school in the world and it’s located in a beautiful old section of Seoul. The school offers education in English, mathematics, and a variety of other international subjects. The school is accredited by International schools in Seoul, making it very easy to take your child there if you’re in Seoul and want to take the original class.

Here are 5 of the best international schools in South Korea:


Dulwich College Seoul

Korea International School Pangyo campus

Yongsan International School of Seoul

Dwight School Seoul

Korea Foreign School

South Korean University Ranking

Another international school in South Korea to add to the list is Korea University, which is located in the very center of Seoul. We love the university for its incredibly cheap tuition and it’s also home to incredibly top-notch free education. The university has over 100 different programs and is perfect for both beginning and advanced students. All of the programs are very rigorous and expectations are very high for students. The only downside to this school is that it’s quite expensive in South Korea.

The 3 Biggest Issues in Choosing an International School

There are a lot of issues with choosing an international school in South Korea, but we’ve put them in order of importance. We recommend the following:

Admissions Procedure

The admissions procedures vary among colleges. Even though you might have found the perfect school for your kid, you might discover that they don’t take on new students in the middle of the semester. Others might conduct evaluations and admissions tests, which do not assure your child of a spot.

The Cost of Education: South Korea is a very expensive country to send your child to school. If you want to get an education, you need to join the top-notch ranks. That means you need to be able to pay for your education out of your savings. You’ll need to find a way to make ends meet while also funding your education. The only way to do this is to find a school in the hills around Seoul that has no tuition costs.

The Quality of Education: There are some great international schools in South Korea but the quality of education is very poor. There are lots of great international schools in South Korea but they’re all very expensive. You need to be able to stomach the cost of education in South Korea to get the quality education you want.


Choosing the best school for your child in South Korea can be a difficult decision. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best international schools in South Korea. From choice-free public high schools in Seoul to private boarding schools with hiking trails, this list features the best of both worlds.

And don’t forget about your free time: there are tons of great activities for your child during their free time in South Korea. So, if you’re looking for the perfect school for your child, then head on over to our South Korea school selection guide and choose your school of choice.


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