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The Effects of Energy Drinks and Are They Healthy?


Having a midday slump? slept insufficiently? When their bodies are dragging, many individuals turn to energy drinks for a little more oomph.

Additionally, despite the abundance of energy drinks on grocery store shelves, most of them aren’t good for you.

Here are the greatest beverages to give you a jolt of energy when you truly need it, rather than reaching for any old can.


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Reasons Most Energy Drinks Are Unhealthy

The FDA doesn’t have adequate control over the majority of energy drinks because they are marketed as dietary supplements rather than beverages (Food and Drug Administration).

This implies that the “supplemental facts” material isn’t always correct.


The majority of energy drinks contain a lot of extra sugar and stimulants like caffeine, guarana (a stimulant that is far stronger than caffeine)..

These components may appear to be healthy, but if consumed in big quantities, they can have a disastrous effect on your body and cause symptoms including an accelerated heartbeat, restless sleep, and unsettled stomach.

Even though you might choose a sugar-free energy drink, additional sugar actually gives you a boost of energy. Many also come in very eye-catching packaging.


Caffeine Is Not Energy

Caffeine and other stimulants, such as guarana, should not be mistaken for energy. Calories, which are obtained from food, provide energy for your body. Like sugar, carbohydrates offer the quickest source of energy.

People do depend on coffee for its stimulating impact, which is acceptable as long as it is done responsibly. . More might have harmful side effects.

There are healthier options that consider your welfare if you’re still keen to get a jolting boost and some real energy throughout the day.

Among these choices are a type of carbohydrate for a genuine energy boost and a moderate dose of caffeine for the stimulating effect that most people seek.

Dangers of Energy Drinks

  1. Dehydration (not enough water in your body) (not enough water in your body).
  2. A cardiac condition (such as irregular heartbeat and heart failure).
  3. Anxiety (feeling worried and agitated) (feeling nervous and jittery).
  4. Insomnia (unable to sleep) (unable to sleep).

Positive Effects of Energy Drinks

  1. The high caffeine content in energy drinks gives users the desired effects of better memory, enhanced alertness, and improved mood.
  2. Exercise-related reaction time was significantly improved by energy drinks.
  3. improvement in how focused, energetic, and fatigued one feels.
  4. Energy drinks’ caffeine and glucose blend may have restorative effects.

Tips to Avoiding Using Energy Drinks

Students can learn about the risks of drinking too much caffeine, including from energy drinks, from teachers and other members of the school staff.

Athletes can be informed by coaches about the distinction between sports drinks and energy drinks as well as any risks associated with ingesting highly caffeinated beverages.

If additional items (i.e., a la carte items) are sold in the cafeteria, the school nutrition staff may only serve healthy beverages like fat-free/low-fat milk, water, and 100% juice.

Best Energy Drink Options

There are undoubtedly ways to get that energy boost without going overboard. These four options are better for you.


Black and green teas offer moderate amounts of caffeine as well as some health advantages from the flavonoids and antioxidants they contain.

. Use a splash of milk, a spoonful of agave, honey, or even granulated sugar to enhance your tea.

The key to drinking coffee safely is to avoid taking double espresso shots. On average, a regular cup of coffee contains 80 to 100 mg of caffeine. For an energy boost, add a splash of skim milk, creamer, or a teaspoon of sugar.

Red Bull

Red Bull is an energy drink that is subject to FDA regulation, meaning that what is listed on the label is actually present in the drink you are consuming.

One 8.4 fluid ounce can of the original contains 110 calories and 80 milligrams of taurine, sugar, B-vitamins, and caffeine.

Consume Red Bull in moderation, as with any food or drink, as studies have shown that taurine can enhance cognitive function when paired with caffeine.


The key to drinking coffee safely is to avoid taking double espresso shots.  For an energy boost, add a splash of skim milk, creamer, or a teaspoon of sugar.