But know that this growth in interest in online interviews is not just coming from now. Some time ago, mainly due to technological advances and changes in the market, a movement of hiring remote professionals began. As many of them are in other states or even in different countries, it emerged as an efficient strategy for companies.


Now that, more than a trend, this one has become a reality, it’s good to stay tuned for the best tips to rock the virtual interview, right? Lucky for you, you found the ideal content. Come with us!

What is the best way to prepare for an interview of this type?

Without further ado, let’s go to the suggestions to make a good impression and be approved for the next stages of the selection process.

Wear proper clothes

Clothing and personality are all about. In addition to being a form of expression for other people, clothing also plays the role of increasing their self-esteem. So, don’t choose pieces that don’t match your profile just to impress. Of course, it is important to check the company’s dress code, but always adapt to your reality, ok?


When choosing what to wear, pay attention to whether any of the items, from clothes to accessories, are not causing you physical discomfort, as this can distract from what really matters.

Check your equipment and internet connection

Have you ever thought about being in the middle of a virtual interview and the internet crashing? It is not uncommon for this situation to happen, especially if you place your equipment far from the Wi-Fi router.

Therefore, carefully choose the location where you will make the video call. Rest assured that this won’t be a problem, and just in case, have your mobile connection ready –– to come back in a few seconds if you need to.


It’s also worth testing video conferencing tools, especially if you’ve never used them. Ask a friend or family member to help at this time and simulate an interview over the internet. The ideal is to identify possible problems and questions before such an important day, right? Oh, and don’t forget to charge your computer or cell phone.

As for the location, in addition to positioning yourself close to the router, make sure the lighting is adequate. The recruiter wants to see and hear you the best way. So, if possible, stay away from too much noise — but be aware that he will understand if there is any dog ​​barking or traffic sounds. After all, you are at home, and these inconveniences are common in the home office.

Pay attention to your personal marketing

Have you ever thought about what personal marketing is? It is made up of everything that shows people who you are. In other words, the way you communicate on the internet, your posts on social media, the way you dress, how you demonstrate your professional characteristics, and so on. Through it, the recruiter measures the level of their knowledge in the area of ​​activity and, of course, whether the profile is compatible with the company’s values.

If your posts on social media are open, be careful with what you write. A poorly interpreted placement can be harmful to your image and cost good opportunities to follow in the selection process. This is even more common in the virtual interview, where the recruiter is able to see this information in real-time, in another browser tab.

Search for information about the company

Finally, content is as important as setting up the environment and curriculum. Without physical proximity, you need to show interest in the opportunity in other ways. In this sense, the best thing is to do your homework and research about the company – from its mission, vision and values ​​to the products or services it offers.

You don’t need to know the year it was founded or exactly how many employees work there, but gather as much information as possible to use in questions that demonstrate value.

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What are the advantages of a virtual interview?

Annotated tips? Very good! But, if you’re still not convinced of how interesting this type of interview is, just see what the benefits of this modality are for your routine –– and for your pocket!


Have you ever been scheduled for an interview just when you were returning from another appointment? This task of moving the impossible to attend is complicated and often takes the concentration and confidence of any candidate – even more when it is necessary to commute a lot to do so.

With the virtual interview, you just need a device connected to the internet and be keen on the tips in this post. Thus, the chances of getting along are even greater.

Comfort for the candidate

Being in an unfamiliar environment may not be very comfortable and even intimidating. There’s nothing better than feeling welcomed in your own home, don’t you think? This is possible with the remote interview. You can choose the coziest corner of your home (provided the connection is good) and talk to the recruiter right there.

Cost reduction

When travelling to the company for a face-to-face interview, some expenses are unavoidable: transport, a snack or even that stunning outfit. Being at home, you don’t have to worry about almost any of this, taking some weight off your conscience and leaving your mind free to show your talents.

A well-crafted virtual interview is your gateway to the company you’ve always wanted to work for. But do you know what boosts your chances? Have a renowned degree in the curriculum. Thus, recruiters will be even more sure that you are a professional preparation for the challenges of the market.

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Thank you for your time.